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I’m back from lunch with a full belly! Next seminar focuses on using social media to expand your brand and business. Here it is:

Where does the bulk of your business come from?

Sphere of influence, now how do you get people in it?

-relationship building
-need to constantly stay in people’s faces, meaningful conversations are key
-with social media we get to talk to clients about what they want to talk about and what they are interested in
-get clients off line (phone) and get them online
-ask your clients if they want to be friends on Facebook and send them the request within 12 hours, how can they say no to that!

Presented by Jim Marks, President & Internet Anthropologist, Virtual Results, follow Jim on Twitter @jimmarks

12 things you’re not doing on Facebook
-pimp out your cover picture
-not asking the right questions
-tagging people in pictures, they pull people to your stuff
-understand the power of your Facebook search, it’s not just for searching people
-make homeowner groups on Facebook and ask people to join, discuss the trials and tribulations of owning
-use the subscribe button, different then friend requests and more powerful
-add interest lists
-whoever likes your page, send them a private message thanking them
-shortstack.com, they build great pages for free
-Facebook registration box, set it up on your blog/website and facebook page, it automatically saves there name and email
-to promote something important on Facebook, consider paying Facebook to promote your event to increase your reach to all your “likes”
-consider target advertising on Facebook

What do you think? Are you doing any of these things on your Facebook?

Presented by Chris Smith, Chief Evangelist & Contributing Editor, follow Chris on Twitter @Chris_Smith & @InmanNext


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