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I love me a good ol’ fashion conversion, so I decided for the month of Movember, I mean November, I would only post cool and unique conversions for my Cool Homes section.  So first up is this old flour mill conversion in San Bartolomeo di Breda di Piave near Treviso in Italy (wow, what a mouth full!). Architect Silvio just happened to see a For Sale sign one day and immediately brought his wife, Elizabeth to show her. While the mill was in ruins with the roof open, walls fallen in and even trees that had started to grow inside, Silvio and his wife saw past all of that and imagined the potential. The mill dates back to 1570 and I love how they preserved a lot of the original details. Silvio and Elizabeth used old and recycled materials, left bare brick walls and preserved the floor and beams. Good news is if you’re dying to stay there, they offer a bed and breakfast for $150 per night, not bad! So without further ado, here it is….

What do you think? Are you in love with conversions just as much as I am?

If you have a cool conversion home or know of someone who does, please make sure to contact me for a feature on my blog this month.

***Images via 1 Kind Design***

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