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Today or should I say tonight as I write this post on a Friday night, I have a treat, I’ll be doing 2 blog posts, yay, I know you’re super excited right now.  I spent the day running around taking care of some last minute details for my home renovation as well as buying tiles for my front foyer so there was no time for blogging. Also this evening I met up with my favourite first time buyers to help them celebrate their closing today with a little bubbly, more details on Monday. So in conclusion, instead of just doing 1 post in the limited time I had today, I decided to do 2!

Anyway, back to the front foyer, my entire first and second floor  have brand new hardwood installed, but I thought tiles might be appropriate for the front foyer as it’s the only spot on the main floor that’s enclosed and I personally don’t want people to step on my beautiful hardwood with wet or snowy shoes. So my mission today was to find some tiles for this area. My challenge was trying to figure out whether I should buy tiles that match as close as possible to the hardwood floor colour, as they will sit side by side or go with something a little lighter and in a similar colour to the floor. After calling around for some much needed advice and spending way too much time at the Home Hardware with my giant sample of hardwood, I made a decision.

Here it is….let me know what you think!

I think it’s a perfect combination as the hardwood is a mix of a grey/brown colour and the tiles are a medium grey with flecks of brown, couldn’t have been more perfect. Oh and by the way $2.25/sq ft and I only needed 20 sq ft, you do the math.

Now on to post number 2!



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