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So as you know, once in a while I do a bit of shameless self promotion, I mean really who doesn’t? Anyway, I was really excited when Martha from Canadian Career Gal got in touch with me to share some good news. After we had met a few months ago at a dinner event, she grateful checked out this blog and my You Tube channel and not only featured my Buyer checklist video series, but asked if I would like to be featured under her, “Gals We Admire”. I was so thankfully and pleasantly surprised, thanks again Martha! If you want to check out the posts, the links are below!

To check out my interview, click Gals We Admire, Aleksandra Oleksak

Realty Queen Gals We Admire

To check the video series feature, click First Time Home Buyer’s Checklist

Canadian Career Gal Home Buyer checklist, Realty Queen


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