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I had a very relaxing long weekend, but it wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the Aberfoyle antique market. My boyfriend is in the midst of renovating his next project and since it’s getting close to the end, I’m already thinking about how we are going to decorate it. We have a lot of items already from the last renovation project I helped him with, but there were a few items on my wish list that I needed to find in Aberfoyle this weekend and they were….

  • 2 lamps I could re-finish
  • tall wooden ladder
  • handles for a barn door
  • wheels for a barn door

Luckily we were very successful in finding everything right before it started to rain heavily, at which point we packed up the car and called it a day!

Here are our finds…
I have DIY dreams for these bad boys which will sit on a table behind his couch. Best find of the day…only $20 for the pair!
I also have plans for this wooden ladder, paint plans that is, don’t worry I will feature all the after photos on the blog
I did some barn doors in my last project as closet doors in one of the bedrooms, here it is…
Now we are going to take it one step further for his house and add a track that you can see and some wheels, just like this….



He will make the doors himself, just like in my house, but then we will add these to make it look like the picture above, along with the track
I also wanted to take this home with me, but unfortunately it was a no go, oh well there’s always next time!
Although I was thinking some paint and a cool bulb with a cage would have looked amazing!
What do you think of our finds? Have any great finds from Aberfoyle that you would like to share?


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