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How’s the real estate market in Toronto doing you ask? Tired of having to sift through tons of information just to get a brief overview of what’s happening? Well look no further! I present you with the 1 minute Toronto real estate market update, straight to the point & quick! Tune in here twice a month where I will be giving you an update during the first 14 days of every month as well as an update at the end of the month for the Toronto real estate market. In 1 minute you’ll find out how our market is doing, whether it’s a buyers or sellers market and Toronto real estate prices.

Here’s the first video for the first 14 days of May…..enjoy! (video transcription available below)

Looking for more information or have any specific questions you want to ask? Then make sure to send them over and I will be happy to answer them.

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See you back here next month for another update on real estate in Toronto!



Video Transcription

Hey everyone it’s the Realty Queen and I’m here with my one minute Toronto Real Estate Market Update for the first fourteen days of May. So let’s get right into it. In the city of Toronto, sales were down by 11.4% when compared to the same time last year but don’t worry as prices were up across the board especially when you looked at semi- detached homes, detached homes and even condos where sale prices were up by just over 2%. Woohoo. Now the average selling price in the city of Toronto aka 416 area was $594,789 which is a great healthy number. So overall this means that months of inventory are still low and there is still strong competition amongst buyers which means it’s a great time to sell if you’re still thinking of selling. So make sure to give me a call and we can discuss your options and if you are looking for more information, neighbourhood specific reports even, I think I’ve got about 47 that I can send you so make sure to go to www.torontoweststats.com to get yourself on the list. So thanks so much for tuning in and ps. My back drop aka curtains are from IKEA. See you here next month.

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