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I can’t believe one year has already passed since I started this blog. The official date was October 20th, but I didn’t realize it until after the day had come and gone. Although it was pretty tough for me to actually get on the blogging band wagon, Renee Elliott from Re:Creative Works was a big help, I mean she came up with the name, which is kinda important. I remember the first few posts I wrote, I would call up my boyfriend and my mom and read it to them before hitting that publish button, I’m almost certain they are glad those days are over. Not only has this blog taught me a lot, it’s has opened doors for me, which I never even thought to open and I can’t wait until I’m a few years in and can truly sit back and reflect. For now, I’ll just keep plowing through and see where it takes me.

Thanks again to everyone who has ever subscribed to my blog, read my blog posts and left comments. You really inspire me to keep writing and it makes me feel like someone is actually reading this blog….somewhere. There’s been many times where I have asked myself, “why am I even doing this? Is anyone even reading it?” but then those thoughts immediately disappear when I receive an email saying someone has left a comment, or someone has retweeted me or made a comment on Facebook.

So thank YOU once again from the bottom of my heart!

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