Need more space? A new investment? A fresh start? No matter what your motivation for selling is, you need more from a real estate agent than just a lawn sign and list price. You need a team that’s actually different. 

“…On the selling side, their staging was top notch and transformed our house for the huge number of viewings we had. The ease and style with which they did this was truly indicative of them as people and agents. Their hustle throughout was second to none and the outcome, both on purchase and sale, was always positive.…”

- Michael & Catherine

We know–every real estate agent will tell you they’re unique.
So what really sets us apart?

Our Hands-On Experience

Our background in engineering and sales has provided us with the ability to analyze the market and guide our clients towards a successful sale. We’ve moved 14 times in 6 years, which has given us enough practice to understand the proper way to move, store belongings, and deal with the frustration of the process. With 10 home renovations under our belts, we understand what you’ll need for the job, who to hire to help, and how it will affect the return on your investment.

By The Numbers

10 Years

of Experience in the Real Estate Industry

10 Homes

Renovated Top to Bottom

Average Days on Market



Home Renovations We’ve Consulted On

Helped 67 Sellers and Buyers (2016)

Our Turnkey Approach

It’s simple: once you entrust us with the sale of your house, your job is pretty much done. From that point on, our team works around the clock to minimize your involvement and stress. We’ll coordinate the cleaning, repairs, staging, marketing, and renovations. We understand that selling a home can take an emotional toll, which is why we spend as much time as needed to ensure your happiness and comfort during this process, whether it means answering random questions at 11pm or coming on site to help you through an issue–our clients care about us, and we care right back.

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