As an investor, you want to work with a team who has their finger on the pulse of the Toronto real estate market; a team who can make the process easy and financially rewarding. We know because we haven’t just guided our clients through the investing process, we’ve been through it ourselves.

“…Amir differentiates himself because he’s naturally a capable person–if he wanted to make a career out of selling lemonade, he’d be just as successful. But the most important reason why I highly recommend Amir is because he makes it clear that he’s passionate about the relationship he has with you…”

- Ricardo and Aprile

Our Local Market Knowledge

As investors, we understand the value of up-to-date market information. We take the time to educate our clients so they can go into the real estate market with the same expert knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the years. From agency agreements and offer deadlines to investing vs purchasing to live, and equity rich vs cash flow investments, we show you what it really means to purchase a home in Toronto.

Our Analytical Approach

When it comes to investing, you need a clear breakdown of the numbers, from the home’s purchase price to the expected return on your investment. With Amir’s experience as an engineer, our team approaches each transaction with a highly analytical eye. We use customized spreadsheets, on-site assessments, and our own investment expertise to provide you with a well-rounded, easy-to-understand investing experience.

By The Numbers

10 Years

of Experience in the Real Estate Industry

12 Homes

Renovated Top to Bottom

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