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Here are my notes from the next seminar at Agent Reboot.

What’s your content strategy?

-it’s being consistent and having targeted messages
-create a buyer/ seller persona to help target your content
-without a strategy you are just throwing something against the wall and seeing if it sticks
-create 30 days of content at once
-separate your content into headings to help you think of content that is relevant, for example:
Local real estate
National real estate
Local and community
Personal interests
-it’s ok to be human and inject your own personality into your posts

Tools to develop content
-Storify, use key words for relevant content
-Social mention, shows the strength of your conversation/content, sentiment, passion

Without a content strategy, people may not be listening to what you have to say or relate to what your saying!

Come back after lunch for more notes from Agent Reboot!

Presented by Tracy Weir, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, follow Tracy on Twitter @tracyweir


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