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At the end of last week my client closed on his condo and he couldn’t be happier! Finding a condo to lease downtown this time of year is already difficult on it’s own, but we were also on a huge time crunch. Mark was a referral from a past client and as a Realtor, that is the biggest compliment you can receive and my business survives on referrals. So a big thank you goes out to Ramona and congratulations to Mark, hope you enjoy the new place!

Here’s the happy client:

Thanks Mark for the kind words and good luck with the move!

Video Transcription 

Hi I’m Mark, I just got a place from Alex. Great experience. I actually kind of was in a bind because I needed to find a place in about a couple days and probably the toughest housing market I’ve ever seen and Alex showed me a dozen places that I couldn’t get in with my other real estate agent, turned it around in about 48 hours I had a new a place. Thanks Alex!

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