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I’m super excited to announce that the owner, Christina Thurston, of the Staging Group will be doing a series of blog post, right here, yay!!! She has also agreed to offer my clients and all of Realty Royalty’s clients a free staging consultation, provided that you use her great service, how amazing! The floor is yours Christina……

Hi Everyone!
My name is Christina Thurston and I am the very proud owner of The Staging Group!  After recognizing the incredibly fast growing need for Stagers, along with my passion for the industry, I decided to get myself professionally certified in staging and start my own business, leaving behind the corporate world of human resources with NO regrets.  J
This is the first in a series of blogs intended to provide you with details about The Staging Group, what we can offer and I’d also like to address 3 huge questions:
·         What is staging anyway?
·         Why should I stage my house?
·         How do I continue to live in my house after it’s been staged??
Staging is not just de-cluttering, de-personalizing and re-decorating.  Staging is much more than that.  It is the #1 marketing tool for selling your home.
There are several steps involved in staging:
1.     Determine the demographic of the target market. 
So in other words, “who is most likely to buy your property”?  Are we targeting young professionals, growing families, retirees that are downsizing, etc?
2.     Evaluate your property “from the buyers’ eyes”. 
We walk through the property and view it from the prospective target market to be able to determine how to most effectively stage the property.
3.     Analyze where to invest in the property. 
We can identify exactly which areas of the property will provide you the highest return on investment from painting the master bedroom to updating the kitchen counters or touching up your curb appeal.
4.     Develop a plan specific to you, your timeline, budget and goals in order to get your property ready to stage.
5.     Showcasing Day! 
This is the day in which we arrive at your home with any needed accessories and/or furniture and get to work making sure that your photos are ready!
For more information about what The Staging Group can do for you, please go to www.thestaginggroup.ca or email Christina at christina@thestaginggroup.ca. You can also follow The Staging Group on twitter and facebook.
What are your thoughts on staging? Would you ever use a staging company to sell your home?


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