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From time to time I do a bit of shameless self promotion on the blog, so this post will do just that. At least it’s only the first one of 2013. My client Dawn was referred to me by another happy past client, you can check that out here and that’s the biggest compliment a Realtor can receive. Anyway, Dawn wanted a fresh start and a great condo in downtown Toronto as she had been living uptown for quite some time. We quickly decided that Liberty Village was the perfect spot for her and we began our search. It was a tough go as Toronto saw a very heated rental market, but in the end we succeeded and I think her condo is a perfect fit. All the best to Dawn in her new place.

Thanks Dawn!!!!

Video Transcription 

When I needed a new apartment, a co-worker recommended Alex to me and I’m so glad that he did because right from the beginning we were able identify the neighbourhood that I wanted to live in, and an apartment in which I could afford. Every since I’ve moved in, I’ve been very happy and I’m so glad that I worked with Alex. 

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