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First guest post while I’m away enjoying some fun and sun and maybe a drink or two too many in Jamaica is Ken Biehler, president of Venture Homes. Venture Homes is a photography and virtual tour company and they totally rock!!! Myself and my colleagues always use Venture Home for all of our listings and we couldn’t be more happy with them. Ken is going to be discussing when it’s the right time to decorate your home for the holidays if you’re planning on listing and selling it during this time. Take it away Ken….

As a real estate photographer I see a very common mistake every day in November and December. I have to photograph houses fully decorated with Christmas decorations. Unfortunately this is a mistake that can cause problems throughout the entire length of the listing because the decorations date the photos. Real estate deals do happen in November and December but the market typically is a lot quieter than other months. If the house is still on the market in early January and the photos are showing Christmas, this predates the photos. Christmas trees and garland do not look impressive post-December. It is amazing how quickly we forget about Christmas after it passes. When all of the photos and marketing materials show that the listing is older, the seller loses bargaining power.

Every January our team of photographers at Venturehomes.ca spend a few weeks updating listings to not include Christmas decorations. Of course we have to charge for our time. This could be avoided by delaying the decorations.

Staging your home is to present your home in the best possible manner to hopefully attract quality offers. By decorating your house after the photographs you will get the most out of your marketing!

Thanks Ken, that’s some great advice that saves Sellers time and money in the end.

For more information on Venture Homes, make sure to check them out on the web by clicking here . Make sure to also follow them on Twitter @VentureHomes_ca and like their Facebook page.

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