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DIY move or hire an expert moverMoving is something that almost everyone dreads, but it’s unavoidable in our lifetime. It makes us realize how much stuff we really own and wish we hadn’t bought. To make life easier, I complied my best moving tips coming from an expert mover, me! Now I’m back to shed some light on whether you should DIY your move or hire an expert.

Things To Consider:

  • How much stuff do you REALLY  have? Be honest with yourself
  • How many big, heavy items do you have and want to lift?
  • Do you have speciality items that need speciality movers, like a piano?
  • How far are you moving?

Now that you have taken the above into consideration and are freaking out about your move….don’t! Look at moving on a step by step basis, so you don’t get overwhelmed. Next decision you need to make is whether you should DIY your move or hire an expert. Although it may seem like the DIY method is always the cheapest, here are some things to consider, some pros, cons and tips.


  • Save money, but do you really? Don’t forget about the additional costs such as gas, insurance, taxes, etc
  • No insurance if something breaks, most moving companies (at least the one you should hire) have insurance, so if they break something of yours during the move, their insurance can replace it…..speaking from personal experience, I once hired a couple of acquaintance to help me move and who needed some extra cash, I paid them $450 + the cost of the Uhaul, they were moving a very big piece of glass that was part of my dining room table and I watched them drop it by accident and watched the glass shatter to pieces….cost of replacing the glass, drumroll please…..$650 which I had to pay!!!!
  • No proper equipment and materials provided, you’re going to have to pay extra for that such as dollies, blankets, bungee cords, etc
  • Tedious and exhausting, seriously can anyone say it’s not mentally and physically draining when moving, especially on your own
  • Not everyone wants to help, just because your friends and family say they would do anything for you, this may not include helping you move
  • You can monitor your fragile items closely, although labeled fragile, only you truly know what fragile items lay in the box and how careful you need to be with them when moving
  • Don’t forget to reward your friends and family, alcohol and food always help, which again adds to the additional costs
  • Pick up location is key, last thing you want to do is return the truck after a long day of moving to an inconvenient location when you’re exhausted
  • Too exhausted to start unpacking, if you’re goal was to start unpacking the same day, don’t count on it
  • Risk of renting a truck that is too big or too small, if not done right an improperly packed, oversized truck can damage your items from shifting and a truck that is too small will run up the amount of trips you’ll take back and forth, which again adds to the additional costs
  • Time is money!

Hiring An Expert

  • Costs more money, but how much extra, really?
  • Choose a company that has insurance, just in case they break something during the move, they can replace it, remember my glass story!
  • Proper equipment and supplies, a reputable moving company will bring all the dollies, blankets and bungee cords you need at no extra cost and of course the proper sized truck
  • Less exhausting, both physically and mentally
  • They move the big, bulky, awkward stuff, and even bring it up the stairs or whichever room you need it in
  • You can pay for packing, furniture de-assembling and assembling services, for an additional cost you can pay for a full service move so you don’t have to lift a finger
  • You can hire for big or small moves, did you know most companies will perform big or small moves or even pick ups of large items
  • Check with moving company to see what their hourly minimums are, whether it’s an hour or 4 hour minimum, you should know this information up front
  • Don’t necessarily choose the cheapest company, do your homework first
  • It’s less stressful when you’re just pointing, don’t lie, who doesn’t like to be the boss?
  • You can slowly start unpacking a room at a time during the move, if you’re feeling ambitious or crazy like me that wants it done right away
  • Movers are expert packers of trucks which limits trips back in forth, which saves money on gas and time paid

Still not sure which route to take? There is also a third option, a hybrid you can say. You can hire movers for a couple of hours (depending on the company minimum) to either help you load or unload the truck or move just the heavy items.

So which option will you choose for your next move?

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