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Moving is everyone’s favourite activity said no one ever, but it’s unavoidable. We all move at least once in our lifetime, but it seems like a lot more these days. Being a renovator, I have probably moved over a dozen times in the last 3 years and each time I do it, I learn a lesson or two along the way. My packing and moving technique is down to a fine art. Luckily most people don’t move nowhere near as often as I have and forget how stressful it can be and how much stuff they really have. So I complied some of my best moving tips to help you with your next move.

Moving Tips

  • Declutter and purge, no sense in moving stuff that you don’t use anyway and would probably throw in the garbage, so your upcoming move gives you the perfect opportunity to go through all your stuff, I’m talking about household items, shoes, clothes, outwear, etc and get rid of stuff you don’t need
  • Plan to move a couple of days before your actually move out date, if this is at all possible for you, then I cannot recommend it enough, this way you’re not stressed out, you can move slowly or take the entire day and night to get all your stuff out, allows for last minute hiccups and on your actual move out date, you just sit back and relax
  • Rubbermaid bins should become your best friend, you always have awkward stuff that just doesn’t fit into a regular box, therefore buy 3-5 giant rubbermaid bins to put those items inside all one place and this way your items are protected and you only have one big bin to move versus multiple smaller items, limits the trip back and forth into your house…..PS I probably own more like 30 bins, all sizes
  • Buy even more rubbermaid bins, don’t be afraid to buy plastic bins in all different sizes to have at your disposable, although boxes are great, they are usually small and you end up needing a lot of them, therefore having to make extra trips to the liquor store (I guess that’s not so bad) or grocery store. This way it limits the boxes you need, it’s a one time investment into moving, you can put smaller boxes into the bins, not to mention once you unpack all your items, you can use the bins for organization  in your new home….think Russian Doll
  • Pack an overnight bag, regardless whether your DIY-ing your move or hired experts, moving is draining and although at the beginning of the day you may seem ambitious that you will unpack your belongings on the same day, it probably won’t happen, therefore pack a separate overnight bag to throw in your car with toiletries, PJ’s and a change of clothes. This leaves you feeling refreshed the next morning
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to pack, after you’ve taken my first piece of advice to declutter and purge you may think you don’t have that much stuff and can pack it up the night before, well you’re WRONG! If you make a commitment to start packing for an hour each day 2 weeks prior to your move, then moving day won’t seem so stressful at all and you won’t be up past midnight frantically packing the night before
  • Hire a cleaner, you already have so much stuff to do that the last thing you want to think about is cleaning your home for the new owners/occupants, therefore hire a cleaner and have them come in the afternoon to scrub down the house and remove all the dust bunnies that were sitting behind your furniture and better yet, when they’re done, have them come to your new home for a cleaning too (shameless self promotion, all my client’s get their first cleaning on me)
  • Use suitcases or wardrobe boxes for your clothes, I use to be a fan of just shoving my clothes and shoes into garbage bags and praying for the best, but often bags break, clothes get lost and then you have to put them all back on a hanger and into your new closet. Well by using suitcases or wardrobe boxes, you can literally take the clothes that are hanging in your closet and either hang them up in the wardrobe box or lay them flat in your suitcase, hangers intact, makes it a lot easier for unpacking
  • Box and label everything, make sure all your items make it into a box and put similar items into boxes, makes it easier for labelling, which brings me to my next point, label everything with headings and sub headings, for example Kitchen: plates, mugs and glasses, this way you know where everything is and when you are moving into your new place, it saves so much time
  • Don’t overload boxes, it may seem great at the time that all your belongings are fitting in just a few boxes, but when it comes time to actually pick them up and move them, it’s a whole another story, so keep things light. If you’ve hired movers, although they are strong, they don’t have super powers and will thank you later for relatively light boxes
  • Save boxes from big purchases like a TV or anything that is delicate and oversized because to buy big boxes for oversized or delicate items can get expensive and trust me you don’t want to move big, expensive, delicate items without a box, I’ll save that story for another time
  • Use a dolly, I don’t think much explanation is needed here, it just makes life easier

Those are my moving tips that are a definite must do!

Do you have any tips you would like to share that has made your move easy and smooth?

Make sure to come back next week, where I’ll be discussing DIY moving vs hiring an expert mover.

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