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In the world of wanting information and answers at our finger tips, Toronto Hydro has come up with a new online tool for customers. With over 4,375 homes sold in the GTA during January 2013, buyers will be closing on their properties in the near future and will either require a hydro account transfer or the set up of a new hydro account. With moving come so many stresses and “to-do’s” and this is just one more phone call that needs to be made, but from now on no more!

“My TorontoHydro gives customers fast and secure access to bills, payment history, account details and more. Customers can perform account moves online, 24 hours-a-day from the comfort of their homes.”

My Toronto Hydro allows you to:

  • complete your move online
  • see your bills, up to 2 years of history
  • arrange for “set it and forget it” payments
  • landlords can track their tenants consumption for individual units across the city
  • manage your account from anywhere you are

Toronto Hydro and TREB (Toronto Real Estate Board) have collaborated also to come up with the Homeowners kit for new and existing customers.  This kit gives customers information of key programs and services available through Toronto hydro, annual coupons, heating and cooling incentives and fridge and freezer pick up programs. Not bad for Toronto hydro and TREB!

In 2011, Toronto hydro received over 200,000 move request, that’s a lot of people moving!

  • 107,295 requests were processed by phone
  • 81,700 by mail or fax

This will save everyone a lot of time and money and I’m happy to see both companies thinking outside the box and filling a void that badly needed filling.

To set up your My Toronto Hydro account, just click My Toronto Hydro

To access the Homeowners Kit, just click Homeowners Kit for Toronto

What do you think? Will you use these resources?

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