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how to prepare my home for sale, toronto

Are you thinking of selling your Toronto home?  You’re probably asking yourself, “how do I prepare my home for sale?”  Although it’s not an easy job, properly preparing your home for sale will yield you more money in the end. So let’s go over the basic first stage….the property!

The Property:

  • Complete any unfinished projects around the house, for example unfinished baseboards, trim, etc
  • Do all minor repairs such as fix doors that don’t shut properly, replace burnt out light bulbs, tighten loose knobs, etc
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint and flooring if needed. Keep it neutral as not everyone has the same taste and you want your home to appeal to the masses, you’d be surprised at the huge difference some fresh paint makes
  • De-personalize, potential buyers want to envision themselves in your home, having pictures all over your home of your latest vacation or wedding will not help this cause
  • De-clutterget rid of any over sized furniture, knick knacks, etc that are cramping spaces and making them look small, you want your home to have a big, bright, airy feel for all potential buyers
  • Don’t forget the curb appeal! Make sure your yard is free of clutter and garbage, that means you might have to pick up that wrapper that someone just threw on your front lawn, don’t you just love that?
  • Ensure the gardens are in tip top shape and the house looks inviting, first impressions are everything, you want to make potential buyers super excited to see the rest of the property
  • If you have carpet that is in rough shape or smells, consider ripping it out yourself if you have hardwood floors underneath, it will save the potential buyer the trouble and headache and make your property look more favourable to them….don’t have nice hardwood underneath, consider painting the floor, I’ve done it before and it exceeded my expectations
  • Hire a cleaning service to do a once thorough cleaning of your property, that way all you have to do is just maintain the upkeep for showings…shameless self promotion, if you hire me, I will hire and pay for the cleaning
  • Remember that your home will become a product and as such will be in competition with other properties, therefore make sure your property is showing at its absolute best the moment it hits the market, that means no unmade beds, dirty dishes in the sink or dirty laundry in sight, just to name a few
  • Set the ambiance for a scheduled showing with either fresh flowers, Glade plug in, jazz music and turn on the fireplace, if you have one, unless it’s summer, appeal to all the potential buyer’s senses
  • Be realistic-The way you sell a house and the way you live in a house are two very different things, compromises need to be made to ensure a quick sale

Final tip: If you are unsure where to start or not sure what improvements will provide the best return on investment, I can go over that with you in detail, I mean I’ve just renovated and sold 8 homes, so I might know a thing or two. I can help with optimal furniture placement and usage of accessories, art and lighting to ensure the best features of your property are highlighted and that you get the best bang for your buck!

Want to know what your home is worth and how I can help to get it ready for sale?

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Make sure to come back for part 2 where I will be discussing “The Process”

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