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Hope everyone had a great weekend, mine was spent packing as I’m moving on Tuesday, oh joy! In the spirit of moving, it got me thinking how many times I have moved in the last 2 years (way too many), which also made me ponder which home I renovated was my favourite. Every time the renovation is complete, it’s always hard to see it go as my hard work, sweat and tears go into each one and every home has it’s own story, my opinion is very bias. So I have rounded up all my prior renovations and my boyfriends too, I was very much involved in the renovations and lived there as well, to get your opinion of which one is YOUR favourite.

Here they are in order:

1st Project Ever

2nd Project

Design Project

3rd Project

4th project (featured on Design Sponge)

Can’t wait to see what everyone chooses!



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