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Who said that Real Estate isn’t fun? Well, for the skeptics out there, here’s our first collection of Real Estate Fun Facts from around the world!

The Seattle Kingdome

The Seattle Kingdome was so expensive that it was paid off only in 2015, a full 15 years after it was demolished.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia


The Red Paperclip

This is a guy who started with one paper clip and traded his way up until he owned a home.

One Red Paperclip

The WWII Bombing Range

There are thousands of homes built on top of an old WWII bombing ranges in Orlando, Florida. Residents have been discovering old bombs since 1998!


The Bathroom Renovation

A few years ago, a couple renovating their home found an old hidden message from the previous owner. This is what it said…

Twitter: Alex Monney  –  Independent

Small Homes

Think your house is too small? A typical home in many developing countries can be as small as 75 sq ft.


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