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How’s the real estate market in Toronto doing you ask? Tired of having to sift through tons of information just to get a brief overview of what’s happening? Well look no further! I present you with the 1 minute Toronto real estate market update, straight to the point & quick! Tune in here twice a month where I will be giving you an update during the first 14 days of every month as well as an update at the end of the month for the Toronto real estate market. In 1 minute you’ll find out how our market is doing, whether it’s a buyers or sellers market and Toronto real estate prices.

Here’s the next video for the month of June…..enjoy (video transcription available below)!

Looking for more information or have any specific questions you want to ask? Then make sure to send them over and I will be happy to answer them.

Want to receive those 47 monthly Toronto neighbourhood reports I mentioned in the video? Then click Toronto Stats.

Lastly here are some in depth infographics done by my amazing brokerage, Sage Real Estate for detached homes, semis/row homes and condos…..

State of the market detached homes June 2013 toronto

State of the market semis and row homes June 2013 Toronto copy


State of the market condos June 2013 Toronto


See you back here next time for another update on real estate in Toronto!

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Video Transcription

Hey everyone! It’s the Realty Queen and I’m back with my 1 minute Toronto Real Estate Market Update for the month of June. Now although sales were down less than 1% in June when compared to the same time last year, new listings were down at an even greater rate than sales meaning that market conditions became even tighter. Now June price growth was mainly driven by detached homes and semi- detached homes with sale price increases of 8.1% and 9.5% respectively. Now our condos didn’t do that bad either and although they didn’t see a huge price increase, .3% to be exact, it just meant that there was just enough buyers for a well supplied market. Now the average selling price in the 416 area for the month of June was $578,000- $575,000 which was up 4.5% from last year. So although it’s summer, it’s still a great time to sell and you know I’m always here to help and if you’re looking for more neighbourhood specific information, I’ve got about 47 reports I can send you on a monthly basis. All you have to do is go to www.torontoweststats.com and get yourself on the list. Well guys it looks like we’re just over a minute here so thanks so much for tuning in and that’s a rap. I’ve always wanted to say that. 

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