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Towards the end of last year, I did a blog post about the top 10 neighbourhoods to buy in Toronto, as reported by Toronto Life. At the time, the full report wasn’t out, I was just giving you a sneak preview. Well, it finally is, so let’s go into more detail about where to buy now in Toronto according to Toronto Life.

1. Mimico, “because it’s one lakefront revitalization that’s on schedule”:
-Waterfront views not blocked by the Gardiner
-Lakeshore Blvd. is showing signs of revitalization
-Big lot sizes

  • From Islington Ave to the Humber River
  • From the Gardiner Expressway to the lake

-Average prices:

  • 2010 $390,677
  • 2011 $441,642

2. East End Danforth, “because million-dollar homes, modest semis and co-ops commingle close to the beach”:
-Great urban mix
-Anything goes here from brand new townhomes, to detached Edwardians to co-op housing mixed with parks and the boardwalk

  • Woodbine Ave to Victoria Park Ave
  • Doncaster Ave to Kingston Rd

-Average prices:

  • 2010 $470,180
  • 2011 $499,022

3. Christie Pits, “because good parks make good neighbours”:
-Big community vibe with the garden and summer movie nights
-More toddlers and strollers vs. crime and drug dealers
-Homes with history
-How can you say no to the new Starbucks?

  • From Ossington Ave to Christie St
  • From the railroad tracks north of Dupont St to Bloor St W

-Average prices:

  • 2010 $533,213
  • 2011 $623,609

4. St. Lawrence, “because everything an urbanite needs is within a five minute walk”:
-Spacious condo units
-Has the St. Lawrence market!
-New condo buildings being developed
-Very walker friendly, but anti-car

  • From Yonge St to Parliament St
  • From Front St E to the Gardiner Expressway

-Average prices:

  • 2010 $385,609
  • 2011 $401,811

5. L’Amoreaux, “because the suburban ideal is alive in Scarborough”:
-Big lot sizes
-Majority of homes are 4 bedroom minimum
-Public schools have specialty programs
-Lot’s of greenery

  • From Victoria Park Ave to Kennedy Rd
  • From McNicoll Ave to Huntingwood Dr

Average prices:

  • 2010 $314,152
  • 2011 $322,496

6. Blake-Jones, “because of the friendly cul-de-sacs in the pocket”:
-15 minute comunte to downtown
-Neighbours actually know each other
-Residents are committed to greening the area

  • From Pape Ave to Greenwood Ave
  • From Danforth Ave to the railroad tracks north of Gerrard

-Average prices:

  • 2010 $485,535
  • 2011 $584,455

7. Davisville Village, “because it’s the last place under $1 million off Yonge”:
-Great schools
-Family friendly
-Beautiful homes between $600,000-$800,000 while having the conveniences of Yonge St
– Yummy cafes and restaurants

  • From Yonge St to Bayview Ave
  • From Eglinton to Mount Pleasant Cemetery

-Average prices:

  • 2010 $592,110
  • 2011 $604,556

8. Corktown, “because the historic neighbourhood has lofty ambitions”:
– Turned into a booming neighbourhood with plenty of lofts
-River City development
-Regent Park revitalization

  • From Berkeley St to River St
  • From Shuter St to Front St

-Average prices:

  • 2010 $428,017
  • 2011 $501,055

9. Wallace-Emerson, “because urban tastemakers and young families are changing the neighbourhood”:
-Hipsters are snatching up properties in this area
-Lot’s of new bars, cafes and restaurants
-Still affordable and close to downtown
-And it’s close to my hood!

  • From the railroad tracks west of Perth Ave to Dufferin St
  • From the railroad tracks above Dupont St to Bloor St

Average prices:

  • 2010 $418,698
  • 2011 $434, 112

10. Brockton Village, “because Lansdowne’s shedding  its grundgy skin-without becoming generic”:
-Affordable yet urban
-Several hip shops, cafes, brunch spots and restaurants
-Old Victorian homes are a favourite

  • Railroad tracks off Dundas St W
  • Meeting at Dufferin and Queen West and Bloor St

-Average Prices:

  • 2010 $418,698
  • 2011 $434,112

Those are your top 10 neighbourhoods to buy in now! Let me know if your hood made the list or if you agree or disagree with the choices.

Have a great weekend!
***Maps via Wikipedia***
***Information via Toronto Life***

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