You’ve probably heard it a million times before, from a million different real estate agents: “We really care about our clients.”

The only difference is that to us, those aren’t just words.

“…Unlike many other agents, he never pushed us to do what he wanted but he helped us to make the right decision in the most judicious way…Not only has he been a very helpful agent but he’s also been a very supportive friend that we can always rely on…”

- Ali and Aida

Saying we care is one thing–but how do we show it?
Our client care goes so much further than simply selling your property or finding you a home; we go above and beyond what the average agent does to make sure you’re happy, confident, and successful. Here’s why:

We’ve Been In Your Shoes

When it comes down to it, we know how annoying buying and selling real estate can be. From bidding wars to renovations, our personal experience has given us first-hand insight into what you’re going through. We’ve moved 14 times in 6 years (that’s a lot of practice) and know exactly what it takes and who to contact to make your purchase or sale successful.

We’re Invested in Our City

…Emotionally and financially. We aren’t just real estate agents and homeowners, we’re landlords of investment properties throughout Toronto. By owning and managing our own investments, we’ve developed a genuine understanding of how to properly invest in this city, an accurate knowledge of the market, and the ability to successfully guide you in your own investments.

We Love What We Do

Like any service, there’s a noticeable difference when you’re working with a team who truly loves what they do. We got into the real estate industry because we enjoy working with people and we’re passionate about Toronto real estate; it all started as a genuine interest and naturally grew into the business we have now.

We Go the Extra Mile

Need a team you can call for income suite advice? That’s us. Want a real estate agent who can recommend home improvement services years after you purchased your home? We can do that. We genuinely try to go out of our way to do what we can for our clients; we care about them and they care right back.

Want to experience working with a team who actually cares? Let’s Talk.

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