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I thought I would keep this Friday easy and delicious by featuring my next sponsor from my first time buyer seminar, my favourite bakery located in Parkdale, Toronto….Yummy Stuff!!!! I have ordered plenty of custom cakes, my mom even had her wedding cake done there, and I love their delicious cupcakes that I’m highly addicted too. So it was only natural for me to have some yummy treats for my seminar from Yummy Stuff. The owner, Morag, so graciously not only donated cupcakes to the event, but also a gift certificate for me to giveaway to one lucky winner, how awesome!

Every time I walk into this bakery my mouth starts drooling, it always smells soooo good that I can’t resist buying myself a little treat to eat right away, I know I’m bad! Therefore I was definitely not surprised that the 60 mini cupcakes that were donated were all gone by the end of the evening! It’s safe to say that everyone’s tummy was highly satisfied and the event wouldn’t have been the same without the cupcakes on hand. Don’t they look great?

I had the pleasure of asking the owner, Morag, about her bakery and how she got this show on the road, which by the way, I’m so glad she did and here are her answers…

When did Yummy Stuff start serving up delish baked goods? 

I started the business in the fall of 2003. At first in a kitchen at home but quickly moved to an industrial kitchen where I did cakes & cupcakes to order – mostly birthday/shower/celebration cakes, wedding cakes, etc and wholesale business.  I opened the retail store in June 2008.

What inspired you to open Yummy Stuff?

Before doing this, I worked in commercial real estate and was looking for something that I was more passionate about.  Baking was a hobby and had become something I did quite often in my spare time to relieve stress!! 

How did you get started in the baked goods industry?

I went to George Brown in 2001 for the baking & pastry program. I worked briefly in a few places including a bakery, a hotel & for a wedding cake artist before starting Yummy Stuff.

Thanks so much Morag for sharing your story, it’s very inspiring! So if you live in the Parkdale area or even if you don’t, make sure to check out Yummy Stuff and show them some love, I promise, you will not be disappointed!

For more information on Yummy Stuff, follow them on Twitter @YummyStuf, like them on Facebook or check out all their yummy stuff on Pinterest.



Oh and here is the lucky winner of the gift certificate:

Thanks again Yummy Stuff 🙂


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