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A couple of posts ago, we discussed non-traditional Christmas trees and gave you someΒ inspiration, if you missed it, you can check out the post here –>Β non traditional Christmas trees..

Now who’s thinking about doing a non traditional Christmas tree this year?

To go with your non traditional Christmas tree, we have complied some ideas for non-traditional Christmas decorations (you know, the red, green and sparkly ones) that can be the perfect match for your new tree! πŸ˜‰

Are you skeptical and feel like Christmas is not Christmas if it’s not decked with red and green?

We are proposing a B&W look to prove that mixing up traditions and adopting a more modern style is not always a bad idea!

You may be thinking we’re crazy, but we cameΒ acrossΒ these photos which have us rethinkingΒ Christmas. If you’re feeling the same way as us, then you’ll love all this inspiration!

Who doesn’t love these B&W Christmas wreaths? We sure do!

Photo Credit:Β Kim Kreations, Etsy, Gaslights Floral Design, Wreaths to Remember, Etsy, Unknown


What better way to welcome Santa this year than these ChristmasΒ stockings? Aren’t you loving them already?

Photo Credit:Β Celebrations at Home, Kristi Murphy, Monica wants it, Our Faux Farmhouse, Lemon Thistle, Tatertotsanderjello


And here are a few random B&W decoration ideas for the grand finale!

Photo Credit: Home Talk, Fresh Farm House,Β The Sunny Side Up, Lights for Fun, Style at Home, Our Cotton Farmhouse


What do you think? Will you go outside the box with your Christmas decorations this year? We would LOVE to see some pictures!


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