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Over the past 2 weeks we asked you where you would live if you had to choose the neighbourhood based on your favourite coffee shop and we showed you some great ones in our favourite neighbourhoods.

This week, since the weather finally has met our summer expectations, we’d like to take you on a tour to some of our favourite parks in Toronto.




We think this is one of the most beautiful park in Toronto. You can grab your bike or simply walk around the park admiring its stunning architecture and the beautiful views of Toronto’s skyline. It also has a few fire pit spots you can reserve for a BBQ with family and friends. Have we said it offers amazing views yet? Well, let us repeat it because they really are! If you’ve been there already, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, check out the gallery below!

Photo by day by Derek Flack




You don’t need to live downtown to be by the water and you definitely don’t need to be in Central Toronto to have access to a multitude of events, music or food festivals. Forces Base has hosted Slide the CityVELD and Riot Fest – just to name a few. But it also offers nice biking and walking trails with beautiful views of the surroundings.

Photo Credit: Google Users


High Park North | HIGH PARK

We couldn’t talk about the most famous and iconic park in the city: High Park. This park has everything you may look for in a park. Its 400-acre space offer lots of running and hiking trails, cherry blossom trees, a zoo filled with animals, an off leash dog area and paths and a full immersive experience in nature that will make you forget that you’re actually in the middle of our busy Toronto.


What is your favourite park? We love them all, but High Park is the one we have many memories of us and Roxie!

So, if you were to choose where to live based on your favourite park, where would it be? To help you make a decision that is not solely based on that, we have put together the latest sold stats for each of the neighbourhoods above, you’re welcome!  – Click on the images for full size.



Meanwhile, if you’ve got any Real Estate questions, get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to help!



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