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The Scoop

After selling her second renovation project, Aleks closed on her third one and was eager to get started. Aleks was really excited about this house for a couple of reasons, to start off, she saw a lot of potential and knew she could get creative, 2nd, it’s on a street and neighbourhood that at the time, Aleks was dying to move into, the Junction Triangle. Upon first glance this project intimidated Aleks as she was about to embark on the biggest project she’d ever done. It was basically a total gut job and Aleks wasn’t sure at first, if this was a good idea, but figured she had good experience under her belt and was looking for a challenge.

What Aleks Did

This was definitely a gut job and before she could start making it look pretty, the fundamentals needed to be addressed to give potential buyers not only security, but also transparency on the work that was done “behind the walls”.

  • All knob and tube was ripped out and replaced with brand new wiring and a new electrical panel
  • New furnace
  • New plumbing
  • New patio door and some new windows
  • New insulation and drywall
  • New beam on the main floor to provide extra support to the house

Now onto the fun stuff:

  • Curb appeal is so important and this house was suffering, so it got a new facelift with cedar and some paint
  • Since the home is only 15.31 feet wide, Aleks wanted to give the illusion of a bigger, airy space, this was accomplished by making the main floor open concept as well as knocking out the wall separating the stairs from the dining room and building a custom banister
  • Custom kitchen was installed with a new window to bring in some light, lots of counter space and pantry for extra storage
  • Beautiful, original, red brick was discovered during the demolition phase, so some of it was left exposed, because lets be honest, who doesn’t love exposed brick
  • All bathrooms were renovated, to make the layouts more functional and finishes modern
  • Closets were added to bedrooms, as everyone needs more storage space, especially in these old Toronto homes
  • The basement went from a dark, dingy place, to a more open concept useable space
  • The backyard was a jungle and was not a true extension of the indoor space. In order to turn it into an oasis, the whole backyard was cleaned up, sodded, new plant life was added and a new fence on one side.

So many people overlook their backyards when renovating a home due to time and budget constraints, but this is a BIG mistake!

The Results

The house received an entire transformation and was ready to be passed on. We outlined who the potential buyer would be, staged and marketed the property accordingly and in just 7 short days received 5 offers and sold 115% of the asking price. Now Aleks was ready to move onto the next project successfully and was rewarded for her time and effort spent…..which in the end, was A LOT!!!


Does your condo or home want the Amir and Aleks transformation? We will guide or manage your renovation, stage it and sell it. Which means a hassle free sale for you!

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