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To all of you feeling wanderlust, have you ever thought of taking your home with you?

Ben & Mend did! They built a home out of a school bus, named it Fern and are now traveling around North America.

Meet Fern.


Fern not only boasts a beautiful colour, matching the landscape of Banff, but has also a stunningly rustic interior. We are in love! (Click on the pics for full size)


And if you are wondering where Ben and Mend stargaze, well, they also built a deck on Fern’s roof. They say it’s good for picnics too!


If you like to know more, Ben and Mend are sharing their adventures on their website and Instagram profile! Go check them out and let us know in the comment section below if you’d ever live and travel the world in a converted bus. We are definitely up for the adventure!

Photo Credits: Fernthebus.com, Fernthebus

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