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How much do you like snakes?

Well, now you can rent a house in the shape of a snake a few kilometers from Mexico City. Will it be your next vacation rental?

Even though, it may sound scary, this unusual home, which stands on 5,000 square meters of irregular land, was designed to preserve a 50-meter-long and 6-meter-wide cave and inspired by it as it resembled the head of a snake with open jaws.

To make this house even more unique was the ability of the architect to design a home that perfectly blends in with the surroundings, transporting the visitors into a dreamy, psychedelic environment.

Can you even imagine a house coloured in a combination of green, blue, purple, and orange hues and looking good? We must say that, in this case, no better choice could have been made. Still a little skeptical? Check out the Quetzalcoatl’s nest – that’s what is called below!

Photo Credit: Design Boom

If this had your mind blown and you’re thinking of making it your next vacation, here is where you can find it on Airbnb. And don’t forget to share pictures with us! πŸ˜‰


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