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Are you AWESOME?  Of course, you are. And we’re looking for you – a fantabulous REALTOR to join our team as our Buyer/Rental Specialist (Superstar).


The Buyer/Rental Superstar (um Specialist) will work exclusively with Buyers and Tenants.  


If you’re looking to learn how to make consistent income, become a master Buyer Salesperson (Agent), learn to treat real estate as a business and not a job, and above all else … have a blast doing something you love … then we’d love to hear from you!



  • Licenced Realtor with 1-2 yrs experience + min 5 transactions completed
  • Live, love and work in Toronto
  • Love sales + talking shop with friends & family
  • Enjoy food, drink, parties, hot spots, concerts etc. (during non-COVID times of course) – clients are looking for more than just a Realtor, you’re their guide, to Toronto, it’s unique ‘hoods, and all that they offer … be a guide, be a confidant, be spectacular!  
  • Obsessively detail oriented … have fun, be funny, but when it comes down to business, show them who you are – the BEST!
    • Responsive … are you?  If you’re the type that hides behind text messages – this role is not for you … but if you understand the value of getting back to people … and aren’t afraid to pick up the phone … keep on reading
    • Don’t mind sitting in your car, listening to awesome tunes as you’re driving around … meaning, you don’t mind travelling (30-45 min out to show homes)
    • You’re a problem solver … think of it this way … is your first instinct to call for help?  
    • And a few obvious ones …
  • Have a car (+valid licence and insurance hopefully!)
  • Have your own “gear” (newer laptop, cell, whatever else you use to keep up)
  • Be a team player … nobody likes a Debbie Downer (unless your name is Debbie, we’re sure you’re nice, sorry!) .. be a Teddy Team Player



  • Aren’t getting enough qualified leads?  Not sure how to work your own network?
  • Getting tired of showing homes to the same set of Buyers, over and over again?
  • Losing your mind placing countless offers only to keep getting rejected amidst 10, 20, 30+ offers every time?  With zero guidance on how to prep yourself/your Buyers to come out on top?
  • Struggling to have the difficult conversations to reset Buyer expectations vs. budget?  Because you’ve simply not been taught and feel alone?
  • Fed-up with the lack of training, guidance and mentorship and feel like you’re just floating around while contributing to someone else’s success?  And annoyed at not being able to define your value or the value of those you’re working with?
  • Feeling scattered and disorganized every day?  Longing for structure and systems to help create a more consistent routine ensuring your long-term success?
  • Frustrated with all the moving parts of presenting a cohesive brand/image while trying to do all of the above?
  • Overwhelmed by all the paperwork and admin required and longing for backend support?



  • We are a high energy + friendly team that loves this industry 
  • We’re well known for our positive attitude mentality above all else … here’s what we fundamentally believe … most people can learn most skills, through practice and repetition … we’re happy to teach you!  But attitude is just that … attitude is the fuel that drives determination and grit … be happy … we are blessed to be Realtors, a profession that takes a lot out of us, but done right, gives us tons back … like with most everything in life, you get out what you put in, right?
  • We strive to provide exceptional service to our clients, ensuring we educate them along the way 
  • We have a proven track record – 50+ deals/year, 50+ 5-stars Google Reviews, consistently ranked amongst the top 1% of Realtors nationwide with a very strong repeat/referral business
  • Our key strengths lie in building and nurturing relationships – we love our clients and they love us back … this is the key to any good business … ensuring your clients’ success, and turn, your own!
  • We are systems, process, workflow and automation oriented – meaning, we ensure we run our business … like a business!
  • We’ll provide you with leads – both through our own network (of clients who know/trust us already) and through our lead generation campaigns 
  • We’ll help you learn how to nurture leads (new + through your own network), move them through the ‘Buyer Pipeline’ and do all the heavy lifting for you (initial contact, follow-ups, staying in touch and in front, always!)
  • We’ll provide you with professional admin support, to ensure you’re out doing what you do best, selling!  
  • We’ll provide you with the tools and systems, teaching you how to manage your client database, not let it manage you  
  • From our comprehensive CRM system
  • Doing all things paperless 
  • Super high tech to streamline any/all repeatable processes (saving you/us time!)
  • Above all else, we’ll provide you thorough mentorship including … our ‘Buyer Onboarding Training Program’, weekly team meetings, and frequent 1-on-1 discussions
  • Quantifying the value …
  • Coaching – A real estate coach – $500-$1000/mth
  • Website – A professional site – $15,000-$20,000.00 up front + $1500/yr recurring (yearly updates)
  • Systems – CRM/Workflow/Automation/Task Management – $15,000-$20,000 per year (setup, updating and maintenance)
  • Staging – $3500-$12,000/listing (provided by us, as a value-add service to any/all of our/your Seller clients)
  • Mentorship and GuidancePriceless … there’s great value in surrounding yourself with likeminded people who are dedicated to each other’s success  


We want you, if you want us … we believe it’s like a glove, it either fits … or doesn’t … unless you’re OJ … too much, too much?!?!

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