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Today, we are taking you to Maddalena, Sardegna, Italy!

The house we are about to show you was built in 1967, but has all the characteristics and style of a modern home.

Casa Rotonda, Round House, clearly takes its name from its shape that becomes an extension of the cliff. From an air view, in fact, the cliff looks like it’s holding the house in a “hug.” But this is not the only reason why it’s so unique.

As we always say, blending in with the surroundings is a challenge every architect has to face. And in this case, the architect, Cini Boeri, was able to exceed everyone expectations by mixing the plaster with ground stones. This gave the exterior of the house the same iridescent colour of the stones in the background. Isn’t that cool?

Moreover, its particular shape was not chosen only based on aesthetics, but also functionality. Indeed, the house was built on a cliff often hit by strong winds. This particular shape allowed the house to have a central patio, that is protected from the wind by the walls, leaving, however, enough opening to enjoy the beautiful views of the Mediterranean sea.

But enough talking! We know you can’t wait to see it, so check out the gallery below! (Click on the pictures for full size)

Photo Credit: Paolo Rosselli

What do you think of Casa Rotonda? Would you like to live on a cliff over-seeing the Mediterranean Sea?

If you have a cool space you would like to us to feature, make sure to reach out!


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