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Let’s say you’ve got $10M+, would you buy the fanciest of all condos in Toronto?!

Let’s say you’ve got $10M+, what would you buy? What could you buy? How about a luxury condo in Toronto? Sky high with all the fancy bells & whistles + amenities galore.

Well, whether you would or not .. how about we take a glimpse at what that reality might look like … what sort of condo could you buy today with $10M+ million dollars?

Oh this is going to be fun!

Here’s the scoop – today, this exclusively priced market offers 4 condos for your viewing/purchasing pleasures. Is that a lack of supply … what do you think?

Let’s take a tour of one of these serene full-floor residences, offering 8x 752 square feet of living space high up in the sky on the 79th floor overlooking everything our beautiful City has to offer – listed for a mere $34,700,000 … no biggie :p

Let’s do the price per square foot analysis on that!

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Let’s get the skinny on this massive gem in the sky… If you love sleek interiors of marble and wood, then this is the one for you! Created by World- Renowned Architects, Foster + Partners. Featuring innovative structural engineering and designed as a hybrid exoskeleton – You even have the option to customize the layout!

5+1 bedrooms and a total of 7 bathrooms, will ensure you avoid the morning rush at the toilet – if this isn’t luxurious enough…

Know that the you’ll be the first the Sun says “Hi” to at dawn, and the last to say “Goodbye” at dusk.

What more could you want for almost $35 Million?

We know you’re dying to check out this beauty, so here we go! Click on each image to enlarge them!

Photo Credit: Realtor.ca

Would you pay $34.7 Million Dollars for this residence? Let us know in the comment section below!

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