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If you are a fan of modular furniture, you’ll probably love this home. If you’re not, we can assure you that you’ll still be amazed!

Located in Tehran (Iran), this house, named Sharifi-ha, refutes the belief that facades can’t be three-dimensional. The idea behind this modular home was to offer its residents a summer living room with an open /transparent /perforated space with wide, large terraces, as well as a winter living room with minimal openings in total absence of those wide summer terraces.

We know you’re getting curious to see how this “mutant” home can change its shape (and purpose), so let’s move on to some visuals! Shall we?

The facade – from winter to summer

The interior – from winter to summer


Time lapse – how it actually moves

From the outside

From the inside

The rotation process


Some more pictures

Click on the images for full size!


How COOL is this home??? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, we are blown away!

If you want to learn more about the Sharifi-ha House, check out its creators’ website here!


Photo credit: nextoffice

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