July 22nd, 2019 | Cool Homes

Cool Homes: Catalina House

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This week we are taking you to Tucson, Arizona (USA) for a tour of an incredible house built in the late 90’s.

If you read some of our previous blog posts, you already know that one of the biggest challenges an architect has to face when designing a home is to make it part of the environment, creating something that is not only beautiful, but that also blends in with the surroundings.

Studio Rick Joy did just that when he was hired to design Catalina House near a fragile natural world of cacti, mesquite trees, and other desert flora and burrowing fauna.

Now, if you want to be amazed, check out the gallery below – click on the images for full size!


Photo Credit: Bill Timmerman, Wayne Fuji, Tim Hursley, Andy Tinucci


If you would like to see other amazing homes that blend perfectly with their surroundings,  go on a tour around the world and check out the homes listed below!

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