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How do you perfectly blend in a modern building with a landscape dominated by nature?

If you read our previous posts you may say digging an underground villa or turning the wings of a 747 airplane into an alternative roof.

Peter Pilcher found a new way, and designed two rental homes that not only blend in with the spectacular mountains of the dolomites, in Italy, but are also able to mirror them, becoming part of the environment.


The units are spectacular. Not only for their mirrored glass facades, but also because they are floating on a base above the ground evoking a sense of lightness.

Each unit contains an open concept kitchen with living room as well as a bath and bedroom with big openable skylights to allow natural light and ventilation. There is also a small basement for temporary storage.

Check out the photo gallery below for a full tour of the houses. Click on the pictures for full size.


If you’re planning your next trip to Italy, and want to stop by these breath-taking homes, here is where you can book your stay and learn more about the mirror houses.


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Photo Credit: Peter Pilcher Architecture

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