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In less than a month we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! Is your home ready?

Time flies, we all know that, but sometimes we happen to forget how fast! If you’re like us, every holiday is an occasion to get creative and give that festivity touch to your home! You are definitely in the right place πŸ˜‰

We have been surfing the web in search of some inspiration to make our thanksgiving table and home very unique this year, and can’t wait to share our finds with you!

Here are some of our favourites!


A White Thanksgiving

Who doesn’t like the neutrality and purity of white? It goes with everything and brings light into the room. If you’re afraid it may become boring, here’s some inspiration below to make you think twice!

Photo Credits: Cherished Treasures, Camilla Styles, Patterns & Prosecco, Onekindesign, Alladecor


Play with the colours of fall

Even though Autumn means colder and shorter days, it’s different gradations of orange, warm everyone’s heart! And let’s say, Canadian fall boasts countless of colours! So why not bring them home with some DIY decor?

Photo Credits: Paper& Stitch, Apartment34, College Housewife, Society 19, Onekindesign, Alladecor


Some more beautiful centrepieces and other ideas we loved

Photo Credits: Sugar & Cloth, Homyohmy, Kara Rosenlund, Inspired By This, Eden Valley Vineyard, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Alladecor


And last but not least, for all those that are already craving Christmas, who said that we have to wait till December to start decorating the tree?

This beautiful Thanksgiving version, is a great alternative while waiting for the Holidays!

Photo Credit: Onekindesign

Are you going to try any of these ideas in your home? Let us know in the comment section below!


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