September 25th, 2023 | Before & After

Transformational Home Makeover | 801 King St W 1108

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We don’t just sell homes, we transform them!

Let‘s provide you with a bit of context…
1 BED | 1 BATH | 1 PARKING | 660 SQFT

801 King St W 1108

Quick Background

“So very thankful for your wonderful support for the last few months, you are truly the power couple Amir & Aleks!!!!  It’s been an absolute pleasure.”

When you receive a message like this – you can’t help but smile, blush, and feel flattered.  

It’s what every professional ultimately longs for – knowing that you did right by the people you serve.  

It’s a very fulfilling feeling, it motivates us and drives us to keep improving. It makes us love what we do ☺

When Elaina came to us with her move-up goals, we started as we always do, with a Buyer Consult – this is Amir’s realm (leading our Buyers & Investors).  

Afterwards, Elaina & Aleks went through our Seller Consult – this is Alek’s realm (leading our Sellers & Managing All Aspects/Logistics to Prep/Stage/Market & List the property). 

So, what happened? Well, Elaina’s SELL/BUY (or Move-Up Purchase) was, in short, a slam dunk (according to Amir, who is SUPER PROUD of Aleks on this one – on all, but definitely this one!). The sale was a major success, providing us with the runway (and budget) needed to fulfill Elaina’s goals of upgrading her home & lifestyle.

Why did this sale stand out for us – what went right?  Because this listing is a great example of how Amir & Aleks work together – utilizing the full scope of their experience, complimentary skillsets and connections. Aleks killed her part! In fact, Elaina asked Amir at one point whether her background was in Project Management (Amir’s long known Aleks to be a catalyst – it was in his wedding speech – Aleks, to put it bluntly, gets shit done, period!). Elaina noticed, given that she herself is a Project Manager – a great vote of confidence for Aleks!

The Sale Process

After the Seller Consult, Aleks’ next steps were to map out various scenarios for Elaina – namely, sell as-is, sell with a mid-tier reno, and sell with a full-blown gut/reno.  As we do, the scenarios showed associated costs + ROI projections (ex. you spend $30K to reno, you’ll make $70K more on the sale vs not spending $30K).  Now, this exercise may seem simple enough – but it isn’t, especially not in a down market. You have to be careful not to overspend, but not to underspend either, the ideal being a perfect balance of money/effort IN vs a return/appreciation on that money/effort OUT.  Amir & Aleks have renovated many properties personally & for clients – and so, felt confident and projected the same to Elaina.

Elaina chose to go the mid-tier route – great choice!

Aleks got to work.  From booking contractors, sourcing materials, re-sourcing materials (due to backorders/out-of-stock etc.), coordinating with Property Management/Security, booking elevators, security deposits, movers, cleaners, staging, marketing and the list goes on.  

She set the plan in motion and it went off without a hitch – a perfectly executed reno, curated by Aleks (who, by the way, is a Queen of pulling styles & palettes together to create a cohesive look, not just with furniture/homes, but with our kids’ clothing/style/accessories. Amir feels embarrassed as the kids out dress him 90% – ok, 100% of the time!). I mean the place looked night and day. From flooring to fixtures, soft accents and the bathroom, and oh man, that vanity, what a great find, Aleks!  

And, the result?

26 showings booked in 4 days on market, 2 offers, 103% of ask (not some arbitrary asking price, but rather objective market value considering all improvements) – all in a down market and in a condo that has seen properties sitting. Elaina was ecstatic!

While all of this is great, what Elaina did was crucial to us doing our part well.

Without her trusting us 100%, executing the “homework” we gave her (decluttering/ordering things we asked for etc.), agreeing to a realistic reno budget, and the biggest, moving out (with her dog), none of what we do would have been possible.

The truth is that as good as we are, we’re only as good as our clients permit us to be and so, any major success is shared. It’s a truly collaborative effort and we’re super grateful to Elaina for her part in all of this!

Next? Amir got to work (another great success on that front, which we’ll share with you in a future post!). Let’s just say this was a true diamond in the rough, and somehow the stars aligned at the right time. Her new home could not be more perfectly suited to her needs & wants. It was truly meant to be (by her own account).


ASKING $599,900| SOLD $615,000

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