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Yes, you can sell your home in the Winter and no, you don’t have to wait until Spring!

If you are contemplating selling your Toronto home this winter, there are a few things you need to consider and think about before you do, to ensure a smooth and quick sale. Some time ago, Aleks gave to the readers of HerCity her 9 tips to sell their home in winter, we are reproposing them below!

Despite the season, before selling your home, there’s always a checklist of things to do. During the winter it gets tougher as the days are shorter, and most people are fed up with all the cold and snow. You really want your home to shine; after all, first impressions are everything. So here are my top tips for selling your home in the winter.

De-clutter and Organize

Regardless of the season, de-cluttering and organizing are both crucial to selling your home. We tend to store more and organize less in the winter as we are waiting for the motivation of warmer weather for a Spring cleaning. But don’t overlook this important step in the winter.

Turn Up The Heat

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Once a potential buyer walks inside from the cold, make sure your home is warm and cozy. The heat should be at a comfortable temperature and if you have a fireplace, make sure it’s on. You want those buyers forgetting about the outside and feeling warm and cozy inside.

Shovel and De-Ice

Nothing’s worse than when you’re out viewing homes and driveways and walkways are filled with snow and ice. You certainly do not want buyers to feel unsafe and annoyed the moment they walk up to your home, as it will distract them from enjoying all the other positives your home may have to offer.

Try Winter Arrangements

Although you may not be able to plant fresh flowers in your front and backyard, there are still a lot of great winter arrangements you can utilize. Try using planters in the front and back with pine boughs and cedar or even a wreath on your front door. This makes your home warm and inviting and shows buyers it’s well

Awake The Senses

Fresh flowers or a nice scented candle awake the senses of a buyer on a normal dreary day and have them rethinking your home as their new potential one. Go as far as even baking some fresh cookies or have a pot of warm apple cider simmering

Good Lighting Is Key

Good lighting is crucial especially because it gets dark early in the winter, and most buyers are shopping for homes after work. Turn all the lights on when there is a showing, switch any dreary bulbs from your light fixtures, or replace any burnt out ones. Make sure the curtains are wide open if there’s a showing during the day, as natural light is important to most buyers.

Fix Odds and Ends

Don’t wait for your Spring cleaning to fix any odds and ends in the home. Buyers are looking for move-in ready homes, not ones that have to-do lists.  It doesn’t matter how minor the repair–fix it. Buyers like to poke around the home to ensure everything is working and if something isn’t, they’ll likely be turned off.

Protect The Floors

You don’t want your potential buyers to end up with cold, wet socks from your wet floors. Lay out some mats at your door for buyers to step on with their wet, snowy shoes, so the floors don’t get wet. You don’t want a potential buyer thinking about their wet socks during their entire visit, you want them to enjoy the wonderful things your home has to offer.

Pictures Say 1000 Words

If you have a beautifully landscaped back or front yard, a nice deck, or swimming pool, print out some pictures of these spaces from the summer and frame them for buyers to see. It’s hard for most people to imagine any space differently than what it is and this will help them along the way.

Winter is a tough time to think about selling your home as most people are in hibernation mode. But it’s also a great time to sell, so make sure to address all these key things to ensure a smooth and quick sale!


Are you planning to sell your home this winter?

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