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The Scoop

After many successful renovations completed individually by Amir and Aleks, it was time from them to team up, pool their financial resources and take on one of their biggest renovations to date. This was also going to be a test to see if their relationship could survive a renovation (as most don’t or run into trouble). If at the end, the stars aligned, Amir and Aleks knew they could survive anything, including getting married.

What Amir & Aleks Did

Not only was this a complete gut job from top to bottom, Amir and Aleks were also adding a separate entrance to the basement, where one didn’t exist before, for a potential nanny or in law suite. Before they moved onto the fun stuff, the fundamentals needed to be addressed first.
  • All new electrical
  • All new plumbing
  • All new insulation and drywall throughout
  • Waterproofing of the basement
  • Took out oil based heating system and converted it to gas
  • New tankless hot water system
  • New indoor stairs and railings
  • New floor plan on second floor to make the bathroom bigger and more functional

Now Onto The Fun Stuff

  • The entire house transformed from very old and dingy to new and modern
  • Open concept main floor with a big kitchen and peninsula was added
  • Custom stair railing with cedar and air craft wire was added to create a cool focal point on the main floor
  • Built in speakers were added throughout to make entertaining a breeze
  • Closets, closets and more closets were added everywhere
  • Both bathrooms were turned into spa like oasis’s
  • The basement became a nice and bright inviting space, with a separate entrance at the front of the house, a kitchen, a separate bedroom and shared laundry, so it could be used as a nanny or in law suite or an apartment to help with the mortgage payments
  • The front and backyards received huge facelifts with everything from new decks, fences and landscaping
So many people overlook their backyards when renovating a home due to time and budget constraints, but this is a BIG mistake!

The Result

By the end, Amir and Aleks loved the transformation so much, they contemplated moving in, but in the end, decided not too. They outlined who the potential buyer would be, staged and marketed the property accordingly and in just 8 short days received 6 offers and sold 115% of the asking price. They even went as far as creating a booklet showing all the before and after pictures, truly explaining all the work and love that was done to the home and in the end it paid off. PS Amir and Aleks got engaged shortly after!
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