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If you were to choose where to live based on your favourite coffee shop, where would it be?

For those who don’t have a favourite one yet, we put together a list of a few great coffee shops in 3 of our favourite neighbourhoods – we will be sharing more next week. So, where will you order your next coffee? Unfortunately, we haven’t tried them all yet, but they sure are on our must-try-list for the summer!


Corso Italia – Davenport | DON LATTE CAFE



This humble little cafe is home to an awesome menu of Peruvian goodies. You can find anything from drinks, desserts and baked goods. Has any of these goodies made your mouth water?

Photos by Hector Vasquez

Dufferin Grove | THE BAKE SHOPPE


The Bake Shoppe


If you love all that is cute and decorated, then you’ll love this one! The bakery cafe is located at College and Ossington and has sold delicious cupcakes and custom cakes since 2005. We love their take on old school goodies like passion flakies and pop tarts, so, so good! But our favourite has to be their Ruffles “Rice Krispie” Squares. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a birthday, or simply want to treat your self (we do all the time), this is a must try!

Photos by Jesse Milns

Oakwood-Vaughan | ZAZA ESPRESSO BAR


Are you a real espresso lover? Then, you must stop by Zaza try their espresso and their own invention, the “latte multistrato”, which is multi-layered. And, since summer is now at the doors, why not the espresso granita (iced) and their homemade gelato? There are also a few Italian sweets, as well as some aperitivi to “cleanse the palate.”

Photo Credit: BlogTo

So, if you were to choose where to live based on your favourite coffee shop, where would it be? With all those goodies it’s hard to decide! To help you make a decision that is not solely based on coffee, we have put together the latest sold stats for each of the neighbourhoods above, you’re welcome!  – Click on the images for full size.



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