May 7th, 2018 | Cool Homes

“Mini” or “Container” Homes – Are They A Thing?

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All You Need In Literally A Few Sqft.


There are two lines of thinking:

  • Space lovers
  • Functionality lovers

Containers homes are trying to maximize space to provide the highest functionality. Here are few examples.



Would you believe this is an entire home?



A home to be in Toronto.


But What Do You Need To Know About These “Mini” Homes?


You can easily see that they are a Cheap(er) & effective alternative, and they are great for small areas/cottages etc. They usually have a cool and modern design and quick to build.

As land becomes more scarce, we know, they will become more popular. Indeed, coach houses/laneway houses are already a “thing” in Vancouver and there are some grandfathered in Toronto. But there is a big issue to take in consideration: they may not meet fire code regulations.

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Would you move into a “mini” / “container” home? Or would you consider it a good investment? Leave us a comment in the section below!


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